Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Third Week

This week is my last and third week taking the Chelation Pesto. I have been feeling dizzy since I the middle of first week I started. I don't really know if they are related or maybe I'm just lacking sleep and since I'm been eating less and less and my body needed more food to Maybe it is the mixture of the pesto, lacking sleep and food, who knows. The dizziness is not that bad that I may fall down, more like the feeling of light headed than anything.

Have I mention that DH hardly take the pesto, he can't take the smell anymore. I'm the only one left taking it right now. He rather eat the ingredients one by one than mixing them all together. Mind you he likes everything mix together when it comes to food. He never liked it when I cook seafood and had different taste because I cook it one by one then mix at the end. He likes it with one taste. He is weird sometimes and hard to figure out.