Sunday, July 5, 2009

Cyber School Update

Last Wednesday my DD enrollment was received by the school and they called me to set up an orientation. They want me to go visit their office in West Chester. Mind you I have to through Philadelphia to get there and I hate going through cities.

Before I sent the enrollment form they have a schedule orientation very close to us. I mention that I rather go there. They she said, so you wanted an online orientation? I guess if they can't see me to the location close to me that will be fine. I am willing to meet them in one of the places they set up instead. She told me that she will call me back. I was expecting she will call me before the weekend but no luck.

I wanted to get this thing done, we will go back with the lessons tomorrow to finish the curriculum. I wanted to send everything back from the old school to get ready for the new one, but somehow everyone else is moving very slow for me. Plus, my body is not cooperating either.