Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Promotional Gifts

July is almost over and August is coming in fast. My husband’s campaigning process will be in full force come next month and we are looking for Promotional Gifts/items for these events. We are mostly providing or should I say, “we are spending our own budget” for these items and we are searching the cheapest and valuable items there is. If we pick the shirt, we can put a lot words into them and people wear them all the time. The same thing with hats and caps however, they are much smaller and the ad will be smaller.
Everything Has A Reason
With that said, I think we are more likely to go with the unisex T-shirts, buttons, pens, and pre-recorded CD’s & DVD’s to address questions the public has for him. He can’t answer everyone’s question while out in public and giving away CD’s and DVD’s will help a lot. Furthermore, the only time we (kids and I) can spend time with him is during bed time. His phone will be ringing off the hook and I’m hoping my relatives can watch our kids a few times a week for me to be able to help him with everything. He still needs to work for his business during the day and most of these events will be after work. I’m not really sure about the outcome however, educating the public and getting the words out there is good enough for us if he does not succeed. He is doing this for the best interest of our country, what have you done to make our country better?