Thursday, July 2, 2009

Raw Milk

We are so happy that our friend Vince is back and taking of cows again. It was almost a year when he quit and work for someone in Vermont. He only last for a week or so then got a job with his father down in Philly and now he is back again.

Everything Has A ReasonCan you tell which one looks better? Can you see how the cream separate on top. The cream of the bigger container is hardly visible and the one with green top is more yellow.

He is somewhat my DH buddy because we all share the same belief about certain stuff. Yesterday he brought us some raw cows milk. Mind you our fridge is still filled with 4 gallons of them from the local farm where we went when he went away. However, we like his cows milk way more than the other. The other is not conservative like us and a few time I saw car with the president stickers on them.

Everythin Has A ReasonThe gallon size if from the local farm and the half gallon is from our friend Vince. BTW, his cows are feed entirely with grass and the only thing missing for being organic is papers. But for my family they are organic, who needs the stinking papers. The papers will only support the corporation of this country.

They sell raw milk but do not support the people who are fighting for us to have raw milk and how beneficial they are. That is why we don't like buying from them, believe me when I say it turns our stomach just thinking about it.

And to Vince, thank you so much for coming back to be our local raw milk distributor. If we only have bigger land, we could have taken your cows and watch them while you were gone. Welcome back!