Monday, August 10, 2009

Give the Gift of Life

Have you thought about banking your newborn’s cord blood? They sure can come handy when something happens later in their life, especially if your children are up to date on their vaccinations and you don’t plan on skipping any vaccines that causes illnesses. Prevention medicine is not right in my opinion. A lot can happen in a lifetime even if you already have older children that don’t have health problems. Please visit the Cryo-Cell, check their cord blood bank for more information and read their client stories. We all want the best for our children and this just the start.

And for anyone who knew someone who is having a baby, why not give them a gift certificate for Cryo-Cell cord blood bank? We all know that most people will give them everything the baby will use to grow up, they are consumable items, try something different, be different. The gift certificate start at $50, you can tell your friends and family to give you this instead of consumable items, especially when you already own those items. They are also giving away a belly bag which is limited time special offer, don’t wait call them at 1-800-STOR-CELL (786-7235). Show that you care with cord blood banking.

Give The Gift of Life
Additional Information:

What kind of a gift can you give to expectant parents who already have children at home? Traditionally there is no baby shower this time around, but often times, close friends and family members still plan to commemorate baby’s arrival with a memorable gift.

Stroller? They have it. Car seat? That too. Baby monitor? Portable crib? Safety supplies? Check, check, and check. There’s always the cute outfit, but that only lasts as long as it fits, which surely is not long enough.

There is one very special gift that could some day give back: a gift certificate for cord blood banking. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to hold on to nature’s miracle: stem cells. Cryo-Cell cord blood bank offers gift certificates in denominations starting at just $50, and since gift certificates from different friends and family members can be combined, that really can add up!

Today, cord blood already is being used to treat more than 75 diseases and has been used in more than 12,000 transplants worldwide. With scientists and doctors continuing to make rapid progress in research and treatments, future uses are expected to grow.

Cryo-Cell is a cord blood bank with a strong reputation, and has been in business since 1992. The company operates under the industry’s highest levels of quality certifications and accreditation's. So there’s also the peace of mind that comes with knowing that baby’s cord blood is in the best hands. They’ve already helped more than 175,000 families worldwide preserve their newborn's umbilical cord blood for potential use against many diseases. Along with cord blood banking, Cryo-Cell cord blood bank is pioneering the way in research to find more solutions to preserve stem cells in non-controversial ways.