Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Ruby Tuesday

We have four of this Barberry bush outside our upstairs window. The bedroom used to be our master bedroom and gave it up for our kids classroom. The window is the closest to the ground and DH planted it there to used when the kids are teenagers. It will sure stop them from escaping our house in the middle of the night. Our bedroom is downstairs and I can hear them when they attempt to escape. Barberry bush outside the windows will sure work, well

Can you see a cat tail in the picture? That is our cat, she is my buddy because she follows me every where when I'm outside the house.


Shinade aka Jackie said...

Yes I can barely see it but it's there!

My son-in-law says the very same thing about commissioned officers. Now my daughter is teaching at a university in Georgia that is 1 of 6 I think that trains and graduates officer candidates.

She has a time with the ones in the program. Even at a very young age they think she should just give them A's because of they are going to be a commissioned officer.

But, she's a tough Professor and they don't run over her. They wind up by the middle of the semester changing their attitudes.

My SIL is a Sergeant and most likely headed to Afghanistan soon.

He did Dessert Storm and then Iraq last year. Now this, and we are all very worried of course.

I think only other military families can truly appreciate what we all go through when our loved ones are at war.

I like your bush and hope it works.