Thursday, August 20, 2009

Travelocity Promotion Code

We have 1 week left of summer vacation. I am not really looking forward for the school to start because I have to teach three of my kids this year. And you know what; there are so much hoopla about attendance and how much time my daughter has to be online this year. My other two children need to complete 25 hours a week and it does not matter how many lessons they do in a day, as long as they can put the total of 25 hours. I still need to shop for materials for my Kindergartner this year. I have most of what he needed however; we are still missing a few things. Thank goodness for discount codes and tax deductions, I can afford to buy it.

Have I mentioned that we have not gone on vacation this summer? We only did a staycation because we can’t afford to go anywhere these days. I’m still hoping to go to Asia and visit my family in the winter months. We will definitely need a Travelocity promotion code if we are taking everyone with us. My father in law was nice enough to give us his airline points that time, and since we used all of them already, we need every codes and deals we can find if we plan on going. It would be nice if I still help with the finances around the house, but that’s not going to happen until the kids are off from school. I am their teacher, you know.