Friday, August 14, 2009

The Truth About Cholesterol

I was reading Dr. William Douglass II book about "The Biggest Medical Conspiracy of the Last 50 Years", yes I And he was talking about cholesterol, we all know how much commercial you will see on how to lower your cholesterol all these years. Believe it or not, he is saying that cholesterol are good for our brain and there is no health danger having a high cholesterol count.

He said, " when people try to strict diets, a small number, called "high responders", can lower their blood cholesterol by about 10 percent. The rest of us can totally give up saturated fat and cut calories like crazy, but we'll see only a 5 or 6 percent drops in cholesterol."

That's because your body needs cholesterol and your liver fights back when you try to take it away. All the diet does is make you deficient in a nutrient you need. Study after study proves high cholesterol is associated with longer life, he added.

Did you know that having a low cholesterol count is linked to cancer? Old people with low cholesterol dies faster too, according to him. My parents was taking this cholesterol lowering pills while they are here. Mind you I am killing them by giving those things to them. I am so glad they went home and stop taking those stupid pills.

Lower cholesterol is also link to cancer. You are watching too much on how much cholesterol you are eating and guess what, not good for you. Most of our cholesterol are in our brain and our brain needs it to function the correct way. The medical people are too proud to change their minds, why you ask? Because pharmaceutical companies will not earn their millions without people to take and buy their so called medicine. Live the way people live in the early years. You have more chance living longer and healthier that way.

You don't believe me, go check his site and read what he has to say about living healthy. Call me nuts I can care less, this is my life and my family's we are talking about here and that is enough for me.


Grampy said...

Thank You very much for this wonderful post. I am going to check out that site and see what he says. I take cholesterol pills.Have just started taking them.

Nedekcir said...

Like I said, check it out for your self. Heart attack is not cause by high cholesterol either, according to him. Use your best judgment in my opinion.