Monday, September 28, 2009

The Adventure of the Little Wizard

Have you join the adventure of Jack Quest this year? I sure did, and the images are my entrees for the quest. I don’t think I can go very far without my Mom’s help but I think I will receive plenty of ooh’s and aah’s when my mom take me out looking like this. Don’t you think so? Please follow the button on the bottom of this post and vote for me if you think I am so darn cute with this outfit my mother made for me. This is very comfortable and not to mention will keep me warm during this chilly season.

I'm a Wizard
My Mom said she doesn’t know how to make any costumes, can you tell she doesn’t know how to make a costume with my pictures? I think she did a fantastic job with it, but then again I am being bias because she is my Mom. However, if your Mom can’t make something like this, you can always ask them to Buy Halloween Costumes Online or in a Halloween Store Near You. Halloween adventure is offering a 10% discount or free shipping to the first 100 customer’s infrequent basis. Make sure you check Jack Quest site frequently, you can also follow Jack’s World on facebook to get the latest. And before you go please vote for me below.

Looks pretty good without my cone hat. My hair does better.
Halloween Adventure - Jacks Quest