Thursday, September 17, 2009

DD is Bored with her Curriculum

She feel like she is not doing anything in school. There are set of lessons per week and so far she gets 4 LA, 3 Math, 1 Science, 1 Social Studies and Art every other week as well as Music.

I think she got use with K12 last year that she need to do LA and Math everyday and the rest are twice a week, including PE as once a week. This time since we switch school is kinda very easy for her. DH suggested to maybe cover a lot more in one lesson a day. That means we can finish early and maybe do some summer classes if she allowed to advance.

I also miss the K12 curriculum because everything is planned for us. All we have to do is follow what the days plan are. Plus her Social Studies this year is so boring however the Harcourt curriculum is much colorful than K12. I asked her today if she wanted to transfer back to the same school last year and without hesitation she answered me with "yes".

I told DH that she is bored with her lessons. I did not brought the fact that I asked her if she wants to transfer back and if she said yes. So far this is our second week with this cyber school. I'm still waiting for a layout lesson plan for her. However, tomorrow is Friday and I'm not seeing lesson plans.

Furthermore, I am bias towards K12. I did not have any problem following their lessons. Its still very early in the year, I'm sure we can catch up with the lessons if we decide to switch back. Decisions, decisions...which one...stick with this one and finish the school year or switch.

I better sleep on it I'll decide over the weekend.