Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Easy To Swallow Salad

This would be my mother in law; she does not eat anything that needs chewing. From what I saw and what she says I find it quite true. However, she would eat organic potatoes chips inside her car, but will never touch anything organic that I made for a meal. I will definitely recommend the website to her. She actually makes me feel bad when she does not eat in my house during holiday gathering or any other times to tell you the truth. We don’t have a very big dining table and she just take up room for those who wanted to eat.

Salad Pill
Anyway, please visit the site and get an entire salad in one revolutionary pill. However, if you are picky just like my mother in law’s you might want to read every ingredients they put in it before consuming some yourself. This is just information to let you know that you can now swallow your salad for those who don’t like eating it fresh, or if you do not have any teeth :) (just kidding). My family consumes quite a number of fruits and vegetables in a pill form. It works really well with my picky son, I mashed them in water and add a little of sugar and down it go.