Friday, September 25, 2009


My 3rd grader receives speech services from his cyber school. They come to my house to do 30 minutes sessions for occupational therapy and two 30 minutes a week for speech. Yesterday, his speech therapist talk to me about giving him rewards for doing well on the exercises she gave him.

Ok, that is fine but do not give him food as a reward, I told her. She insisted that she's been doing this a long time (well you don't have to tell me that because it shows you are old and you told me what you do) and giving the kids other that stickers works really well.

First, you are in my house please do not forget that. We only said "yes" to these services because we are paying for it with our tax dollars and we are nice enough to give someone the job so that you will get paid. I do not tell you how to do your job which it seems to you that you have the right to tell me how to do mine as a mother. I did not argue anymore about it because I don't want my son to end up in the poster home. However, I did not say yes either. I could have argue with her forever about it but these kind of people are hard core socialist and every explanation I gave out does not matter and why waste my time.

When his evaluation comes, I don't think that I will say yes anymore to renew the services. These people are more interested on how we bring our kids than teaching them what they are supposed to teach them. If ever any of my younger ones need this kind of services, I will never let them test them for it. I want my family to stay together and no government agencies will come to my house to tell me other wise. I don't pay them to tell me how to rise my family and they better butt out. And mind their own business.


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