Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Have you gotten your flu vaccine yet? I know plenty or should I say a lot of you had gotten it. How many of you who got the shot who is sick or gotten sick yet? Somehow, most of you will say that I don't want to get the the H1N1 that is why I get the the vaccine.

Wrong, why not just buy some colloidal silver and take it everyday. Why spend money to go in your doctors office which by the way the most place that you get viruses, than your local health store to get a few bottle of pre-made silver drink? You can even go to your local arts and crafts store and buy a string of silver and go home and make your own colloidal silver.

People, the CDC wants to reduce the population and this is one way to reduce it. They are playing god in my opinion and I know you will not believe a simple citizen telling you all this stuff. You rather hear it from the mas media which in my opinion will never tell you anything like this because they work for this corporation and they will not have any job if they tell you all of this. Even Glenn Beck will not tell you this. I still think who ever is behind him they are into something. I can't pinpoint it right now but he and they are up to something.

Everything has a reason, I may not know about it now but later on, all of it will make sense.


Jan said...

Colloidal silver is excellent. So is olive leaf extract (but it tastes really bitter!). Anything is better than putting that garbage into our bodies. Natural immunity cannot be bettered, and these chemicals, vaccines and poisons destroy that.

Donna said...

I agree. You can check out more info about eugenics, etc. here: