Thursday, October 1, 2009

DD Switched School

Again!...yes, she is not very happy with the current curriculum so I decided to switch her back to the one last year. I know they management there has so much issue with the state but we are not going back because of them. We are going back because of the curriculum and his brother still use them too.

She loves K12 curriculum because it is very easy to use. Even if they close next year, we already have another K12 school user in mind. I was very lucky to call the enrollment department yesterday because yesterday was the last day to catch up so that we can start Monday. Yes, October 5 we will start with K12 curriculum. If I waited until today, DD will not start until November 19, which we have to catch up 2 & half months worth of lessons. One month of catching up is not too bad if we work on weekends and holiday vacations. We don't have much things going on and doing lessons for one child on those days is pretty easy. I am so happy!

Now I need to let the current cyber school that DD have to leave the school. I have to think of nice words to say just in case we need to go back with them again. The irony is hurting my shoulder...