Friday, October 9, 2009

Doing Well

After a month of teaching my three kids at home, we finally set a routine. My head was spinning when all of them started the second week September. DD lesson plan was and always be all over the place. We can't see everything under student overview and we need to click on every subjects to see which one we need to do first. You would think that they are in order but you will be surprise. Her teacher make the lesson plans and sometime what she wrote does not make any sense and pages are wrong.

I have to send her a message trying to figure out which page she needs to do. It is very time consuming and sometimes DD will be on break half a day waiting for an answer. And every time we click on the links she put in, it will open it on the same page of lessons and we have to click on back button a few times to go back. And sometimes they have multiple things on the link and I always forget which one she needs to do. Then I have to click back again just to see if we click the correct activity.

Now, after switching to K12 we are doing much better. No more wasted time to find out if we are doing the correct lessons. And my kids enjoys the K12 curriculum much better. DD have some stories about the old testament on CD this year. We can brush her knowledge of the bible, which I like. I know not all K12 users are fond of it but you can opt not to use them if you don't read the bible. I also don't teach them anything about Science and History that is against our belief. Yes, I skip them and I teach them my version of lesson is about.

Next year I will transfer my Kinder now going in 1st grade to K12 too. Then after that I will start my youngest there too, hopefully the government will still allow this kind of schools. However, if they the government put to much hoopla about it, we will be force to to do a traditional home school for all of four of my kids. We can still get away from some things the government implementation about how a cyber school works, but our government is just keep throwing things on us that we don't like. This kind of government is not I voted for and somehow the government can tell you how to live your life these days. Not for us, we put them there and we can take them down again with force and blood sheds.


Prettymom said...

was here eden, it's been a decade since my last visit... hope to see you around