Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Dentist Went On & On

My Kindergartner had a dentist appointment yesterday for cleaning. We got done pretty early with their lessons. I asked him to get ready and got tired of waiting the right time when we have to live and insisted for us to live early. And since there was never a parking spot there whenever we go, we left the house early. Stayed in the car to waste time, got my 3rd grader a physical appointment (the same building) then check in and went outside again then came back in again for his appointment. I refused to wait inside a doctors office because I don't know how many viruses lingering in that place.

Anyway, I opt everything with fluoride with this appointment and she went on and on about is fluoride needed. I can't even interrupt to say I have not taken this chemical when I was little and please look at my teeth to see the proof. And she kept on telling me that city water has it, and I almost told her that the reason why I don't drink city water. And I rather drink it straight from the ground somewhere that is not contaminated with anything. I don't care if FDA approved, that is another reason not to take it. Or even ADA, ok do I have to say more. All this government organization are more scary than anything in this world.

Anyway, if you are a dentist or hygienist, telling me that you are taking it will not make me take it. Tell me the ingredients and telling me that you did the experiments and found that they are good for you, then maybe then I will give it to my children. Until then just shut up and don't tell me anything that they don't have any affect on you. Good for you, another stupid person will die very soon. Tell me what is so healthy with that, that is why they don't know why they are getting cancer. Stupid!


Jan said...

Good for you. If I wanted to take fluoride, I would like the choice. Not to have it in the water supply! Unfortunately, dentists are brainwashed to believe it's good for us. I have finally convinced my dentist to look into it, and even he is changing his position.