Wednesday, November 11, 2009

IEP Evaluation Done

Finally done, that is. They schedule it for Monday around 8am but canceled in the last minute because she thought she'll be better by then. I guess she doesn't know herself very well...kinda funny if you ask me.

Anyway, she re-schedule for yesterday for 3pm and canceled again because she said she don't LEA, whatever that means. She re-schedule today for 8am again. By now I'm a little mad because she think I'm just here waiting for her to change her mind and just accept everything she throws at me. I told her that we will go out for social class today in our local library. (social? it sound so She told me that the report is due today.

I almost got back at her and tell her that "not my problem". You can't keep and appointment and I am telling you I'm not available, tough s#$%t! But I have thought of my husband and he is such a nice man and I know he will never do such thing to someone. So, I calm down and let this IEP lady do the stupid evaluation today. I don't want DH to get the karma for He does not deserve it with my doing.

I cancel the occupational therapy and keeping the speech and language part of it. They were fine with it. DH told me last night that they may give me a hard time because more services rendered, means more money for them. And guess what, it's not the case this time. Well I hope they don't turn around and tell me that we have to do it.

She talked to me for about half hour, and if we really have to go to this social class we will not make it. I rather get my kids advance in their lessons than going to this things.