Monday, November 23, 2009

Mellow Yellow Monday (Thanksgiving)

Here is what we did on Friday after their lessons. We also made some pilgrim hats. Somehow when I look at the picture the leaves part of the hat should be at the back. Oh well, they wanted to wear it that way.

Native Americans
Below was taken 3 years ago. My youngest one was only a few months old and not in this picture. They made this one in their school and brought it home during the Thanksgiving vacation.

Sacajawea and Pilgrim


Quilt Works said...

Wonderful shot! Very creative dress up!
...A field of golden sunflowers!

N said...

Thanks QW.

philly5113 said...

Soo adorable. Nice pics. This just took me way back down memory lane when my kids were this age.. They are young adults now. Thanks for the reflection.

Martha in PA said...

Very cute!