Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Vacation

I have to do some heavy shopping today. My kids are on vacation for the season starting today, technically. I have to wait for DH to get my inspection done in my mini-van before I can go out. I also wanted to hit the library to borrow the first season of the show "Little house in the prairie". I read the book to my kids and I love it so much I have to see the show. I have not seen any episode when they are living in the nice house either. Since we turn off our cable TV, this is a nice way to spend time as family this season. Plus, DH may not be home for Christmas because of the weather.

Ok, I better start early to finish early for my day task. I have to sneak in some lessons with the kids every now and then to keep them motivated with all what's going for this season. Mostly for our 3rd grader, he never wanted to learn anything. Well, that is understatement. He refuses some lessons that are boring to

Enjoy your days off and spend some time with your family.


Grampy said...

Merry Christmas. Have fun on Vacation. We have a lot planned for Maya. The Library is always on our list.
Happy Holidays.

Mrs Cheers said...

Thanks grampy, wishing you a very happy Christmas.