Thursday, December 3, 2009

Fat in Food

Let me start that the natural fat that came with food are good for our health. It does not matter what the professionals says about taking low fat milk, cheese or any kind of food. They are only relaying what the media was saying about it they are all wrong.

Fat is very good for kids who are still growing. Meaning from when they are born until they turn 21. Even my pediatrician recommended that we should switch to low fat milk or skim milk. They tell me everything but I will never buy anything that they say because they are a corporation. They are getting paid to say all this things.

Natural food is the best for human, say whatever you want and eat what ever you want that it against from what I said, hey, it's not my body. It's yours and just think who will outlast you, yes people who eats natural food. Very simple, you don't need to be rocket scientist to figure that out.