Friday, December 11, 2009

Motion Sickness

DH and I have this problem. It is worst when we sit in the back seat of any vehicles. And of course when riding a ferry. Island hopping in NYC on a ferry is not that bad because we can always get out and have wind blowing on us. The ferry (the fast one) from the main land to my island back home still gets me sick too.

Now that we have kids, I think our oldest DS inherit them all from us. Even since he was a baby he gets dizzy and vomit all over himself and the car seat. DH and I usually cored it by sitting next to an open window or have wind blowing on our face. However, this one does not really work during the winter months. And we don't go out much sitting in the back seat either. Since our oldest DS (not "my ODS") gets the motion sickness all the time I let him sit next to DH at the front of our mini-van. However, it does not work with either. Not only he gets the motion sickness, I also gets the motion sickness because I am not use riding at the back.

When I was still living with my parents I always take the motion sickness drugs. I can't do that anymore. I don't trust the pharmaceutical companies since I finally seen the truth and there is not turning back. I am getting better, but this motion sickness mostly happens when we go to unfamiliar places and we do plenty of sudden stop, turn and movement. I saw the wrist band but is that thing really works? I do have a ginger spray in my bag from when my child rearing days. And it does not help when DH smoke, we all smell the cigarette and DS gets worst when he do it, but somehow does not click on him that smoking inside the car (with the window open) makes our son more sick. Please do not educate me about smoking this is not the post for it.

Anyway, I think I have to try the wrist thing and see how DS motion sickness response to it. Now, anyone have any coupon for it, I can really use one since the one brand name cost about $100. Please leave me a comment when you have any, thanks in advance.

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