Saturday, December 19, 2009

Music and Art Lessons

DH and I was talking about getting our kids a once a week music and art lesson here at home. We actually found a free piano today but the owner don't want to hold it until the storm is gone. There is no snow yet when we found it but DH have to go out tonight and plow. So, it's not possible for us to drive in NJ and get back home for him to get ready for work.

Hopefully, he still have it tomorrow after the storm/snow. He said it is in a good condition but they don't have any more room for it. I guess no one in the family play it anymore. Someone was supposed to come and get it today but back out because of the snow. They might have live far away too. And put out a message saying whoever gets here first can have it.

Baby Grand PianoDH meet someone through political meet-up who can teach our kids to play instrument. We are not sure how much he will charge us for four kids. We are hoping not too much because the money will be paid directly to him and he don't need to pay taxes on it.

We don't know anyone about art lesson yet. We would like for the kids to learn much more than what they are learning through K12. One of them may have develop liking art or play instrument, we are hoping. My ODS plays the violin since in middle school. My father is always fond of music and hopefully my kids get some genes from him. Furthermore, I always wanted to play the piano when I was little. Hoping to get one soon.

We also found a baby grand piano 1928, but the listing person never got back to us. And that one actually cost $400. Our guess is they already sold it or just a scam collecting email addresses. Who knows.