Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Whose Standard

Christmas holiday bring joys to once family. For some it is the time to catch up on what is going with each other life and for some it is more time to annoyed each other and argue and disagree on ones beliefs. I think the last one fall to my DH family.

You can't do that, you can't do this, it's the law (oh my aching back, laws, statutes, rule, legislation, etc. are different from the common law). SIL noticed that our youngest DS does not know how to catch. DH reaction "I didn't care", whose standard are you following? The corrupt society that teaches you not to offend anyone, or the society that wanted to be better than anyone else. I like my kids to enjoy being a kid, they play with each other, they kick ball, play catch, ride bikes. I do not care if they can't do what other kids in his age can.

Socialism is what I call it. We are responsible with our own selves. Not the society, not the corporation who, by the way, made up the "Santa" to sell their products on you. There are so many conservatives in this world, but somehow they are so much deep in sleep and they can't see that all this mystical made up creature are they are using for marketing. And guess what?, they are now millionaires and billionaires because of it, among other ways to rob the working class of this world.

We follow are own standard. You don't like it, well, shove it in your @#$. Our lives, we will live it the way Yahweh wanted us to live it. We follow Yahweh's teaching, we read the bible ourselves, and we don't need a church to read it to us. I only have known one priest that is not corrupt. He does exactly what Yahweh asked of him. He does not ask for payment or donation.That is the impression I got from Father Terra, the short time I have known him. He was also a very busy man of God, it was very hard to get an appointment to see him personally.

Whose standard do you follow?