Thursday, February 26, 2009

Instant Payday Loan

Many of us get into a situation that is unpredictable. And most of the time these situations come when we are needs. Instant Payday Loan can help you in your time of needs. If your last pay check can't stretch until your next payday you can apply online with them and you don't even have to leave the comfort of your home. You don't need any proof of income to get this loan. Furthermore, if you think you can't afford to pay this type of loan back, do not bother getting it, because you will get into a deeper problem. Make sure to try your friends and employer first before going this route in my opinion.

Stress Out

I thought I will never made it yesterday. My shoulder and arms were very tired and I could not finish DD lessons. Thanks to DH for finishing it for me, to get my needed rest. I took about an hour nap and felt much better after doing so.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Get Rid of Your Debt

"Get rid of your debt before it's too late", this is my mother in law told my husband and I when we got married nine years ago. She also mentioned that once we paid them off never ever get another one. We listened with half of what she said and not with the other half. However, we have less debt now than before and whatever credit we have now, we got it after paying off what we have then. When we bought our house we are debt free, because we received a nice amount of gift from a family member. Then the washing machine, refrigerator and the water heater broke and one income coming into the household is not enough. The stores are so willing to give us credit for these appliances, when no cash in hands they look promising. If we know then what we know now, we should have just borrow the money from people we know and pay it back with no interest.

Not everyone is this lucky and needed debt help on how to become debt free. They need to protect themselves about credit on how to deal with debt collectors and consumer credit rights. If you don't know anything about it, I suggest calling them up and speak to one of their financial adviser to evaluate your specific needs. Getting your credit in the right track is not an easy task. We are in our way to become debt free by the end of this year. Our vehicles are almost paid off and we will make it last until we have enough cash to buy a new one. We both agree that financing a new vehicle is not an option this time. If we don't have cash to pay for it in full, don't buy it. I think it is a pretty good way to stay debt free these days.

Getting Use To...

Did I mention I hate winter? Yes, probably a few more times than last year. It is still cold here in the north part of my country. Once in the blue moon we get a heat wave of 48° F and I'm happy with that. Anything above freezing I am always thankful.

Since the winter started, I wore two pairs of socks. It kept my feet warm until last weekend. My feet started itching and I can't wear two pairs anymore. My feet finally caught up when it sweats. I think I'm starting to have an athlete foot. I do put a socks right after taking a shower and I think I over did it. Now, I dry my feet with a blow dryer before putting them on and sometimes I don't wear socks anymore, I have to get use not wearing socks again. I just wear a hoodie to keep the heat in. Hoping to get my feet back to normal. It does not bother me much, but when it does it drives me crazy. I only used the foot powder once when I went out grocery shopping on Sunday.

I can't wait for spring, my feet had it with winter.

Construction Equipments

A few days ago my husband found a used digger derrick on the internet. As I mentioned in my earlier post in my other blog, he is affected by the recession and maybe jobless when the spring comes. Now he is looking for any used equipments to use for his new business venture. He found the above item and a used dump truck not too long ago however; it is too far of a drive to pick it up. Furthermore, I have to come along to drive one truck back. When you have children it's hard to just leave the house. We don't have any relative that can help us very soon.

He is hoping to find another place to buy them from and closer this time. We can see a lot of business going out business these days, and we are always in the lookout for any equipment that we can afford and use for his business. The digger derrick is a nice equipment to use when digging for a well. We can use this back home to have our own water system going into the house in the boonies, if he ever agrees to move there with me and the whole family. He always says that, the only reason not wanting to move there is the language barrier. I wish I can speak my language well enough to teach him however, I can't. I may as well talk to him in my own language now to get him use to it (teach him what I know now and work on the rest later when we get there). What do you think?

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Rose Birthday Contest

I don't have much to say today. I need to go grocery shopping but I'm still in front of my pc procrastinating. My DH rub on to me too much lol. Anyway, please join Ms. Rosemarie's contest below. Happy Sunday!


First Prize:
Thoughts of a SAHM - $15
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Here is the contest mechanics:
1.Copy the contest mechanics and prizes in your post.
2.Put the logo in the blog post and in the side bar.
3.Answer the following questions:
a. When is the exact date of her birthday [clue----> March]
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4. The top 3 who got the right answer are winners which will be announce the following day on her b-day.
5. The contest will end at 12 midnight on her b-day.
6. In case, no one got the correct answer at the end of the contest, she will let her son pick the 3 winners.

Here are my answers:
3. a)March 16
b)Turning 29

Friday, February 20, 2009

One Day Bug

Last Sunday my 2nd DS wasn't feeling 100 percent. Good thing Monday was a holiday and he does not need to do some lessons. On Tuesday we went to his yearly physical along with his only sister. She insisted that she wanted to tag along. Wednesday came just fine and dundee however, on early hours of Thursday my DD woke up complaining that she can't breath (post below).

DH put her on the couch to sleep sitting up to help ease her stuffy nose. She could not do any lessons all day yesterday. She laid down and rest the whole day only sipping water and juice and one vitamin C. When she woke up today she sound much better and chasing our cat around the house around 5:30 this morning. The cat ran out of food and she told me that the cat was inside her food sack. My ODS woke up and took care of it for me.

So, today we did the lessons for yesterday and maybe do some more later after a few hours rest. I think I will take a nap and get ready for later when she decided to do some work. Thank goodness it's only one day bug. I don't like when my kids are sick, I never like it one bit.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

DD Missed School

She woke up very early in the morning complaining that her nose is stuffy and can't breath. Along with that was coughing non-stop, I'm not really sure if she got enough rest. I did not teach her today because she said she is very tired. I think she doze off a few times and I'm hoping she can at least do one lesson but, no luck.

I manage to put one class in for her, because over the weekend she help me bake the Valentines cookies I promised I will make. Basically she is not absent today however, I can't rest this weekend because we have to catch up on her lessons as soon as she feel better. If she is not better tomorrow, it means that on Saturday and Sunday she needs to do the two days missed.

I brought my 8 year old son to the doctor for his yearly physical on Tuesday, now after a day DD is sick because she came along with us. Such a great way to get viruses and germs.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Cold Sore or Herpes (Which one do you have?)

I always complain to DH every time I get the sores in my mouth. He always tells me isn't that herpes? Don't get me wrong he gets it too, but I get it more than him. Now Dr. Mercola had a video that will clear up the whole thing about cold sores and herpes.

Herpes simplex and herpes zoster are the two types of herpes infections. Herpes simplex affect two primary areas as either oral or genital herpes. Furthermore, it can be associated with clinical conditions such as; Bell's palsy, Multiple sclerosis and Alzheimer's disease.

Oral herpes is commonly mistaken for canker or cold sores. Canker/cold sore are painful ulcerations that typically occur inside your mouth, inside your cheek, or sometimes even on your tongue. They are due to an autoimmune problem typically a reaction to chocolate, citrus, or wheat. Do not use herpes medicine if you have this. I recommend rinsing your mouth with salt water or better yet put the salt directly to the source. It works for me and the image below is what mine looks like. I kept telling DH that I been getting this things since I was in grades school. Now all the confusions has been clear.

Oral herpes blister can be found in your lips, outside your mouth. Just like the image below.

Herpes zoster is also called shingles and typically reactivation infection of the chickenpox virus. If you get the chickenpox, the virus may remain latent in your autonomic ganglia. It can reactivated later on in life by some of stressor, resulting in shingles, which is very painful skin condition that most seek medical treatment.

Natural therapies for herpes infections are; Lysine, Aloe Vera, Lemon Balm, Resveratrol, Garlic and Lactoferrin. And the newest treatment for this infection is under the sun, yes vitamin D. So, if you know someone just tell them to take some vitamin D or get the cheapest one, THE SUN. However, if you have the worst case of this infection you may want to consult your doctor.

(Info taken from

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Such A Nice Day

We are supposed to have 58°F for the high today but we got 62°F. It's amazing however, I can't take the kids out to play because we are too busy to complete their Valentine cards to give away before Saturday.

Tomorrow it's showing we will have a windy day. I'm hoping it would be warm though, I doubt it. I guess we have to wait and see. I'm hoping tomorrow will be like today that went up 4 degrees higher. Yaay, I'm over excited spring is almost here.

Saturday, February 7, 2009


It's not even a month after DH and I cleaned up/start from scratch computer now, I got 5 virus lingering in my hard drive. I am using AVG however, I can't get rid of it. DH had it for a few weeks now, then I got it today. First it was my window messenger (i deleted the program now I don't have any messenger), then something about the double click and then two from firefox.

Now I'm off to find a free virus scan that will get rid of it. I can't afford to pay for any thing like that. Maybe I should clean my pc again. I just hated re-installing everything after all the cleaning. If that's what it takes to get rid of this virus I will do it. My IE8 is not opening either, I am using firefox and chrome right now. It sucks!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

DC Schedule

I wanted to spice up DC classes this week. We tried doing one subject a day and it works fine for everyone, except for DD who is in Kindergarten. She is doing fine with all of her subject except for phonics. She can memorize the words on only 5 hours class. I think I have to break it out into two times a week.

I benefited a lot with lesson blocking and it takes less time. We don't have gather everything we needed for five subjects a day. We only have to gather supplies for one subject. DS only have 2 subjects tomorrow because he wanted to finish early today. However, since there is only one lesson in LA to finish the whole unit, we are doing LA tomorrow. We can start a new unit on Monday.

DD have one extra lesson because she is still learning phonics. She know all of it but she is learning how to put the sounds together. She is doing 3 lessons tomorrow to finish the unit in Science. We could have finish today and off tomorrow but like I said above DS wants to stop early today. Furthermore, DD decided to do the same thing.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Botox Training Course

If you are thinking about making yourself look better or younger this is for you. Botox is called the number one non-surgical cosmetic procedure nowadays. If you worry about the lines in your face, I will suggest checking this out. You can also take a few minutes watching the short clip below to learn how simple the procedure is, and how to purchase botox training course to see how the cosmetic procedure is done by professionals. They also carry other videos you may be interested into, please visit their site and browse what they have to offer, or you can call 1-800-414-2434/2490 if you prefer talking to a live agents.

YDS Graduated Speech Classes

At least that is how DH put it. He is funny when it comes to these things. This is an update about my post a year ago @ Early Intervention. It's a good news, he does not need the therapy anymore. He is not 100% but the county only covers certain delays and he does not fall to their category anymore.

I am so glad that no one will come ones a week in my house anymore. Relatives and friends are always welcome however, people who works for the county and school district I don't like. They will see things that are done differently and they will report it through the child services then we are one kid less.

I remember one indecent, when she came in while YDS is finishing his hot tea. He could not believe that he drinking tea. I will bet anything that she don't have any problem seeing a child drinking soda or sports drink. She don't even know what kind of hot tea that my YDS is drinking. I don't like people who works for these organizations.

Ok I'm done

Let's get back to regular programming here. YDS score 1 point lower at receptive and 4 points on expressive, all others are in the appropriate age score.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Wholesale Beading and Jewelry

My daughter, who is five years old, loves to work with her hands. Even on non-school days she does things like painting and crafts. You will not believe how much construction papers she use out of her lessons. We also bought her a latch hook kit to do to get her occupied. It's not finish yet however, it starting to make a shape. I think we will get her some beading supplies to make her own jewelry. They sell beading and jewelry below wholesale price, with no minimum quantities. You can learn more by following their link above and check out their liquidation and overstock items.

January Top EC Dropper

Please check out my Top EC dropper.

Thank my top ec dropper for the month of January. Those who don't use EC and still visit my blog, this is for you also. Hope to see everyone again in March.