Monday, March 30, 2009


DD learned how the rainbowwas made on her lesson last week. We had to do it with a flashlight because it was very gloomy the day we did it. Anyway, yesterday right after the heavy rain she looked outside and saw this.
This one was taken at the front of our house. Two rainbow at the same time.

And this one was taken from the back of our house.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Another Kid Enrolled

I got done late last night faxing and completing the papers works for my 4 years old son cyber charter school enrollment. I can't believe he will be in Kindergarten this fall. More hardware and materials will be coming our way. That will sure be a longer school day for me. Instead of teaching two kids it's going to be three kids, three grades in one day. Can I do it?, I must if I wanted my kids to learn.

And for your viewing pleasure here is our cat again on the top of my DC cubicles.

Click images for bigger size.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Do you Eat Raw Food?

Anything any kind, fruits, vegetables, and meat. I don't really mind eating raw eggs made in eggnog however, I don't think I can eat raw meat. My parents eat raw fish back home because they catch it themselves. I will never eat the fish from the local grocery store.

It is supposed to be good for human. Cooking food destroy the valuable enzymes in food. This is why I wanted to grow my own poultry and cow. We consume raw milk right now and adding my very own eggs there will be so much healthier. I can tolerate eating raw vegetables however, being an Asian decent it would be hard on my stomach. I cook steak medium rare and sometimes medium well. We can't get pass the bleeding piece of meat on the plate.

People with big land are very lucky. They can easily grow their own food weather permitting. Our property used to be zone as agriculture and business. Our very loving township change it to residential because they can, without asking the people. However, they held a meeting to let us know that they change the zoning. Nice aren't they...

Saturday, March 21, 2009

After Four Months

It was four months ago when the cyber school accepted my 8 year old son. And took them that long to have a speech therapy set up for him. I never liked people coming to my house specially if they work for human services. I know that one fowl move from our part we will get reported for some kind of violation.

She was telling me yesterday that she can't comprehend how a parent like myself can do it (homeschool) our children. I could have said so many things and destroy her belief however, I bit my tongue and smiled nicely instead. People can be very conservative and asleep at the same time. I just wished we planned our kids more. we can't do anything now, but to make the best out of our situation. They have to grow up faster than usual these days.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Web Search Engine

To frugal shoppers out there I have a site for you. You can check any products and see if you can get any cash back from the store. You don't need to cut or print coupon because the information is available on the page itself. What I like the most about IP Geo Location Search capability to answer any question about my kids' lessons or anything personal. All I have to do is write my questions in one site and I will get answers from all other sites available. Furthermore, the spell check comes in handy as well. Would you like to try it? Please follow the link above.

Here are The Pics

Most of these are a dollar each, except for the box copy papers and the index card. I just notice now that we have so much pens. Oh well, DH can use them in his business.

These are from two trips to Staples. The first day DH could not find the copy papers so, I went back the second day and look for them patiently while my 3 rumbustious boys running around the store.

We got 2 boxes of copy papers, 2-5/packs of Bic highlighters, 1-2/pack retractable pen, 2-3/packs Pilot ball gel pens, 2-4/pack Bic ballpoint pens, 4-12/boxes Bic pens, 1-12/box of #3 pencils, 1 200 sheets little notebook, 4-4/packs of glue sticks, 1-500/pack index cards, 2-12/packs manila envelopes, 2-3/packs writing pads, 4-24/boxes crayola crayons, and 2-12/packs soft grip binder clips.

Regular price: $189.48
Spent: $94.30
Rebates: $27.98 waiting
to get from the mail
After rebates: $66.32
Savings: $123.16

My Greek Dream Vacation

My second grader is learning about Europe in his history class. He learned about the Byzantine Empire and now learning about the Dark Ages or the Middle Age. It would be nice to book a Luxury Vacation and Holiday Custom Packages to Greece and the Greek Islands, to see what they look like now a day. Travel to Greece to see all the buildings they are talking about in the book is neat in my opinion. Seeing the Hagia Sophia will surely a treat for my son. Maybe we can also check the Greek Island Vacations and see what they have to offer. Furthermore, I really don't mind going on a Greek Dream & Private Yacht vacation however, my husband don't like being in the boat.

School Supplies

Here is the pictures of what I bought from Staples dollar sale. The copy paper are not for a dollar, they are $24.99 each they are buy one get one free. However, you will get the money back from the mail.

Will post the photos soon. I'm using the laptop right now and my files are in my PC. My 4 year old son is using it to play Wolfenstein right now.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Microsoft Vista

My husband is always at the top when it comes with computer, software's, and anything to do with the computer. We have a few personal computers at home plus the school computers that my cyber schooler uses. Four of the personal computers are equip with Microsoft Office 2007, we got two copies from the launching of Microsoft Office 2007, and we bought one for my oldest son. He mostly uses it for school papers and lab reports.

They offer:
- 100% Authentic Microsoft products at academic discounts
- Microsoft Office 2007 from $99, Vista Upgrade from $89
- Friendly customer service.
- Buyers provide academic eligibility and after that the product is shipped
- Gift certificates that are a great way to give especially during back-to-school and holiday seasons

I feel that buying Authentic Microsoft products to use at home is a chance to get my children to know how to use them when they get a job. Furthermore, did you know that if your child goes in public school, you can have a tax deduction if you buy software, hardware and school supplies up to $250.00?

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Dollar Sale @ Staples

Don't forget to stop by at your local Staple store to check out their dollar sale starting today. If you are a homeschooler this is your chance to save with the school supplies. DH is out right now getting some stuff we needed for our DC. There is a box of copy paper for $12.50 you need to buy two. Here is the link if you are interested.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

DC Classroom

Finally a picture of our new classroom. Old classroom set-up can be found here and here. We set up their 4 cubicles for school. We only set-up 4 because my oldest DS goes to the public school. There will be 2 extra desk for me and him however, we are not ready to put his in the same room. You should see the other end of this room...very messy.
The one on the left is DD cubicle, the one on the right is my 8 year old DS who is in 2nd grade.

Learning how to spell as a K, and looking at Molly at top. The cat loves climbing the dividers and pushing everything on her way. This one was taken before DH put the second shelf up.

Empty cubicle for the younger ones. He will turn 5 year old in July and will be in K by September. The other side of this one is where DS (8 yo) can be found).

4th cubicle for the youngest one, he is 2 1/2 year old right now. The other side of this cube is where DD cube can be found.

I will post more picture when everything are in place. DH is picking up 2-8 feet tall book shelves tomorrow for extra shelves for everyone to use.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

"Sabon" Tagalog Word for Soap

I can’t believe that I will come across the word Sabon in the US. Furthermore, I did not even know that some tagalog words I am using came from Israel and not mostly from Spaniards. Wow, I learn something new by browsing the internet tonight. What’s interesting about this is, they actually used the word as a name of their business. And guess what they sell, you got it… body products. Not just body products, the best part of their products are made from natural ingredients. And we all know that natural ingredients are the best for our body, it’s been proven many times.

While browsing their products I found their selection of body scrubs amazing. Like the hippie chic dreams of starry night and the sounds of waves from metropolitan home. She enjoys all things earthly and natural, but with the twist of modern chic. How about the studying starlett who is a committed coed with her head on her shoulders and does everything with a flair for life. She keeps up with trends but always true to herself. I can say that my personal favorite is the do-it-all-mommy. She is up early, up late and somehow manages to do it all with the ease of a summer wind. She craves indulgent moments and treasures pure simplicity. The classic gentleman is perfectly fitted for my husband. It describe as a sophisticated man with modern ideas and natural instincts. He is not afraid to standout and makes a statement, while remaining a perfect gentleman. (That is why I love him so much.) Queen bee is the essence of the family and proudly wears her favorite fragrances with an air of sophistication. Her classic attitude and rich wisdom make her vibrant and young.

Sabon scrubs can be find at These products are great for restoring our youthful and shining skin, please check out their Sabon.

Search Engines

Search Engines are getting popular these days. A lot more people (including myself) are using them instead of phone books. All you have to do is type in the keywords and instantly you get what you are looking for. Other search engines are filled with advertisements and sometimes you can’t even tell which one to follow. However, not with Find Hub, it is a very clean site, plain and simple. Just pick from web, videos, travel shopping, movies, maps, (my personal favorite) dictionary, and credit cards. If you like simplicity, why not take a few and check it out, and let me know what you think.

Monday, March 9, 2009

February Top EC Droppers

Sorry for the delay.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

A Very Nice Weekend

Weather Yesterday we got a high of 67° F and today we had 58° F for the high. I had a chance of washing and cleaning my van. DC played outside yesterday and today, a little muddy for my liking, kids had to leave their shoes outside to dry.

YDS and I went out shopping today, we got dress up for a cold weather and I didn't check the weather in my pc. As soon as we got out from our first stop it was hot enough not to wear any jacket.

Right now it look likes its going to rain. Yup, right after i washed the van. Good thing I'm not going anywhere tomorrow. It will stay clean until I get it out of the garage.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Colloidal Silver

Great to use when you have cold or flu.

In the other news, have you heard about the bird flu virus found leaving Canada? It makes me wonder where they are planning on putting it and what country they are suppose to be going. Mind you this will not get into your birds/poultry unless someone actually put it there for you to consume. I will be very careful buying poultry these days.

The elite of the world is coming fast. Remember they only wanted the population of this world to be 500,000. And I will put my 2 cents here: If you put the whole population in the state of Texas, living like the people in Brooklyn we will all fit there and the rest of the world is a place to get food to feed the whole population.

Anyway, lets get back to colloidal silver, this is one type of silver that can cure the bird flu virus if ever. Just letting you know to buy a few of these true colloidal silver, ionic silver, and silver protein to protect your family.

That's all from me today, take care of your family in time of needs.