Friday, May 29, 2009

Home Office Furniture

Everything Has A Reason

This is what our classroom/computer room/office furniture is like. Not the same made but the sectional part of it. We got our Home Office Furniture from an office building that close down somewhere in Philly. This is actually my husband's idea that we should buy sectional. Eventually, I will be teaching four kids and having sectional our kids can keep their own materials in their own side. And the most important thing is we can set it up the way we want it to look like. My husband is always about quality and we are sure these home office sectional will last way longer than press woods. If you want a home office, I am recommending to check Spacify dot com today.


I withdrew my Kinder from where my other two children are enrolled. With all that are happening in that school I wanted to try other cyber school and see how they work, just in case the PDE (Pennsylvania Department of Education)close the school for not following the regulations. I don't agree with all of them but I need to teach my children.

PA has the most cyber school in the country from what I read. I don't know if I should take it the wrong way to the positive way. It is good to have more than other state or is it bad because the government is targeting those who is like me. My reasoning behind the brick and mortar school. Furthermore, private school or traditional home school is where I wanted to go but can not afford it. Cyber charter school is the closest for me, I don't like the way public school is run. I like it in the 70's when the government had less to do about my child education. I wanted them to read, write and learn math and nothing else. I don't want them to learn how other people live their lives, or what religion they are for that matter. Moreover, why other people can't say certain words and most of all socializing the wrong way.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Everything Has A Reason
Did you know that the only law of this country is the Constitution? Yes, and the Constitution don't have anything about traffic violation, not having car insurance, or speeders. And why are we getting traffic tickets for all of these, because congress passed their own law to the citizens. I would suggest calling the traffic lawyers when you get tired of following these laws. I don't have any problem with criminal offense however, when you are in the hurry to get somewhere I have a problem with. Speeding is not a crime until you hit or killed someone. And when that happens, the punishment should be life for a life. Furthermore, you are accountable for your action. Get your free quote from licensed paralegals at XCopper dot com today.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Concentrated Lemon Juice

Everything Has A Reason

My family got a bug from DD bowling birthday party on May 9th. This is very slow moving bug and it always start on us early in the evening. First DS#2 had vomited the whole time he has the stomach bug. He was down for 2 days.

I got it after 5 days, I was down over night with vomiting and diarrhea. The next day was tolerable however, I had to rest because I don't have energy and had to go to the bathroom a few times.

Then my 6yo and 4yo came down with the bug Saturday and Sunday. They had stomach ache and vomiting. That was last weekend. And DH got on Wednesday night and still not 100% until today. He had the diarrhea and did eat or drink much of anything.

Last night he was looking at his tongue and notice the yellowish color in them. We google it and sure enough he is dehydrated. The lemon juice I given him on Thursday noon helped him quite a bit. I also give him some Friday morning to ease-up his stomach. I'm not really sure about the sour and stomach ache but they work. I also had a sour soup the weekend I was sick and it help a lot.

If you have stomach ache and diarrhea try taking concentrated lemon juice to ease-up the pain. I don't have a scientific study about it but they work.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Get Paid to do Online Surveys

Forget about paid per click, this one will actually earn you some cash. They will also send you products to try and answers some questions online. I was given a pack of name brand diapers a few months back. Not bad for less than ten minutes survey. It beats any money making scheme online. Each time you complete a survey you will earn reward points that are good for anything. Right now I have over 1000 points and I can use it to buy gift cards. However, I wanted to save it and earn more rewards point to get better things that we really need at home.

You can also do an online referral program to earn more rewards points. If you know someone who is willing to do surveys invite them to join. I'm not really sure if I got in this program by myself or was I refer with someone. I wonder how much reward points she got when I joined. This is great way to try products for free. Real opinion from real people, you are not force to give positive feedback. I like getting things for free, especially with our economy these days. If you wanted to join let me know, I can refer you to earn myself some points.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Know What's in Them

We all know that warm weather is upon us and bugs comes with it. Make sure you read the ingredients in you bug spray and suntan lotions. Do they really help or doing more harm to your health?

I also posted about this last year. Out of sight out of mind and just throwing my 2¢ here. Better safe than later on you found out you have cancer or some kind of incurable disease. And you can't figure out why your having un-explainable symptoms. I hate hearing people saying they don't know. And once they are diagnose, they don't even bother changing their diet and be careful with everything. They will say, "I will die anyway". Fine then, don't tell me, I can care less.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Vitamin D (how it works)

Everything Has A Reason
Sweating under the sun is good because that is how you get your vitamin D. However, you need not to shower for two days to make it work. You can shower but you can not use any type of soap to wash your skin yes, it's true.

You can visit Dr. Mercola's website if you don't believe me. And all this time I never gotten enough Vitamin D in my system. I always take a good shower after sunbathing when I was younger. Yes, I had the tan but no vitamin D from it. Interesting, I learn something new everyday.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Are They in the Correct Order?

When my parents came to visit my family for the first time, my mother in law wanted to impress them about saying "Welcome to America" in our native language. She could have asked me and I will translate it for her. I think in her book to impress someone she need a way to find the correct way herself. At the end she emailed it to me and asked me if what she wrote was correct. Mind you I can't even understand what she was trying to say. I found out later when they came over to meet my parents. She should have pay a visit to to get the correct way to translate and the correct orders of words if she did not want my help.

Metal Detox Recipe

I will try this recipe for my DD who has a peanut allergy. Her allergy may have something to do when I had my root canal done or for eating too much seafood that has mercury in them. Plus she also breaks out with eczema during winter months. I wish I have known about this recipe while breast feeding or before having all of them. All this allergies should have been non existent today. I hope they will all take it to clean up their system from any harmful metal.

Cilantro Chelation Pesto

4 clove garlic
1/3 cup Brazil nuts
1/3 cup pumpkin seeds
1/3 cup sunflower seeds
2 cups packed fresh cilantro
2/3 cup flaxseed oil
4 tablespoons lemon juice
2 tablespoons Dulce powder
Bragg's Liquid Aminos

Process the cilantro and flaxseed oil in a blender until the cilantro is chopped. Add the garlic, nuts, and seeds, dulse and lemon juice and mix until the mixture is finely blended into a paste. Add a squirt of Bragg's Liquid Aminos to taste and blend again. Store in dark glass jars if possible. It freezes well, so purchase cilantro in season and fill enough jars to last through the year.

One person suffering from high blood pressure due to mercury poisoning had her blood pressure return to normal after eating 2 teaspoons of this pesto daily for only a week. So whether you need to detoxify heavy metals from your body or just wish to use it as a preventative measure, 2 teaspoons a day is all you need to take.

I also posted this in my cooking blog to share the recipe to everyone who wants to detox any harmful metal in your sick children or even yourself. I you can't find the ingredients in your local health store follow this link. This is where I found this recipe.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Auto Parts Online

Have you ever tried buying car parts online? Well, you should try it because saving money is very important these days. They even offer free shipping when you spend $50 or more. Four tires can easily add up and, if you have more than two vehicles in your household that is mighty savings. Furthermore, you can use your local (not a franchise auto body shop) auto body shop to save even more. If you are regular you can use your online car parts purchase to be put in your car. Don't worry the above link sell most parts for your cars. They have a toll free number for those of us who does not trust the internet and every part has a full warranty.

It's Official

That DH is back to smoking again. I'm sad because he can't kick the addiction and he can't have a healthy body. However, there are people there that can outlast other people who does not smoke. But I don't what type of tobacco they use. DH has been using these tobacco that are commercialize all his life.

I blame the government who are against disciplining our children. I blame his parents for not hitting him when he started smoking. He started smoking when he was 14 for crying out loud. Teenagers will try anything, but parents need to enforce what is good for them. And with the government telling you what is good for your children is just plain wrong. They don't even know your child the way parents does. Unless you are not fit to be a parent and how in h#$; did you have kids in the first place.

We should plant our own tobacco to make it much healthier for him from now on. The good thing about the whole this is that he is back to his old self again (the super nice). Or his old self is the grumpy one. However, I care for his happiness and he is much happier now.

Payday Loans

We cannot control everything in our lives. One day you are enjoying life and the next battling something. That is why its good to have savings; I'm not talking about saving in the bank but something in our home. You may not agree however, you will not lose money when hiding it in your home. Furthermore, it can easily access by you or your family member in time of needs. There are also No Fax Loans that can be done over the phone or online. It makes applying for Pay Day Loan much easier now and can be approved online as little as one hour. Is that easy enough for you? I would think so.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Hubs Up and Down

Saturday he rented a machine to start our garden. Mind you the ground is still soaking wet and very muddy and he was able to mix the soil a bit. This was early in the morning. Around noon he came home and right away I can smell he had been smoking the whole time he was gone. I don't bother preaching about it anymore, because every time I open my mouth about the whole smoke quitting thing I always get blamed.

But at this point what ever I do or don't do I will still get blame one way or another. Last weekend he did not do anything because he decided not to take the pills. Plus he was complaining about a stomach ache and blaming the pills for it. Thank goodness I did not make the pills.

And you all know about Saturday that we had a birthday party for DD. Sunday is mother's day. He asked me if I wanted to go to Home Depot to pick-up a few things for the garden and a paint basin for painting the downstairs (supposed to be the master bedroom). We still share a bedroom with our two youngest sons. He told me that he will paint when we get home. It did not happen. He got so cranky because DC are all over the place and don't want to listen unless we yell at them. On the way home he was playing with the DVD player because it was making some sort of sound. And kept asking me if I hear the difference while he is doing so. When ever he touch it it turns off, so how can I tell the difference if the player is off I said and gave me an attitude saying I quit. Leave it alone, it's not broken don't fix it and you can fix it when we get home and not driving. He is driving me nuts, I tell you.

He stayed in his computer room for a few hours. I think he got thirsty and went upstairs to get something to drink. I asked him if he wanted to come to get some raw milk. And then we went. Coming back he wanted to listen to the radio. Turned it on and started complaining how static the station was. We had our van since 2004 and he declare from the very first time we travel from our house to his parents house (1 1/2 hour drive) that we have a piece of s#$t car radio. And yesterday he is coming hard on me and asking me if the radio is scratchy. If he does not like the station change it! Mind you we have the DVD player going on, our kids are watching a movie.

I don't know maybe I am the one in the bad mood. He kept playing with the radio while driving and it turns out that every single control was in the right position. And the radio station is the one broadcasting badly. And forgot that we have a piece of s%&t radio. Then we passed the winery and he read "tasting" and ask me if I wanted to do wine tasting. I said yes and he said "all the people I knew never tasting anything because they don't like drinking". Ok, first tasting is not drinking. Second I am not a drinker and never was. It is something I wanted to try just like the way he want to try flying an airplane/helicopter.

I just kept quite the whole drive and then I was told that he just wanted to make a conversation. I wanted to tell him that he wanted an argument not a conversation but kept my mouth shut instead. I should probably start smoking to be nice all the time because he tells me that I am always in the bad mood. Now he is doing the same thing because he does not smoke anymore.

To have a happy and nice husband for a short time or to have a very grumpy husband for the rest of our lives. Which one would you pick, either way it will make me a selfish b@#$h.Nice weather is coming, he is not smoking equal to grumpy and a lot of argument on a nice weather ahead. Anyone want's to take me for the summer to avoid arguments and save our children from hearing hurtful words. Anyone?

Friday, May 8, 2009

Lunnette Review

(Warning using menstraul cup)

Like I said at my post here, I got my Lunnette in the mail. Just to clarify you can not buy this here in the US. Don't ask me why because I don't know what's the FDA reasoning behind it. However, you read my reasoning behind why I bought this kind by following this link. This is my very first time using menstrual cup in my life and I can tell you I like it very much. I don't why I have not heard about it before. I could have been using this all my life.

Anyway, yesterday was my very first time. I follow the direction on how to put it on and it with in just fine. I put it on while taking a shower. Fold it twice and it slide in perfectly. I did hear the suction sound while it open inside. I can feel nothing inside and I still use a liner just in case. Plus I feel naked without it. So, I always use liner to protect my underwear.

Taking it out is easier to, all you have to do is pull it forward with your pointer finger a few times and it should loosen it. Then hold the tail and pull it out and empty it out. Rinse, fold and insert it back in. Make sure you pull it out a little to make the suction work then push it back in if the cup is too close to the opening. Make sure you are relax when inserting and pulling it out.

My cervix is about 70mm from the opening and the Lunnette cup is about 48mm long. I turned it inside out because the tail is bothering me. I will probably just cut the tail off next time I take a shower. I know I said 70 and 48 however, I don't think the cup stay high on me. I think it keep going down in my opinion because when I pressed outside I can feel the end after a few times going number 1. When that happens I just pull it, empty it and put it back in. I know it says you can keep it in for as long as 10 hours but since I'm home all day I do it a few times.

The best part about using the cup is that I don't feel the wetness (with pads) anymore. And I don't feel being so full down there like the tampon does to me. Plus, with the tampon I feel very dry after pulling it out. I would recommend this anyone, even if you have IUD on. Oops I almost forgot to everyone to make sure you tuck in the IUD string at the side before inserting the cup in to prevent pulling it out (for precaution).

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Special Prize for Me

I won the special prize at Pinay Jade's birthday contest (post here)...woohoo. Below are my prizes. Hoping the dot com domain is free (I always wanted one*** I just found out this is not free I still have to pay for the hosting***I can easily get my own dot com domain). I don't really have a use for it because I have enough blogs but I would like to donate it to someone with a better use for it. However, if he can't use it I guess I have to start another blog. Whew, what can I write about now...he he he but I will think of something. I always do.

5000 Entrecard Credits + Dot com Domain from Dot Com Domain from ******** goes to Nedekcir

# 1000 EC - Gewgaw Writings Contact Me (Jade) to claim the prize
# 1000 EC - Jena Random Thoughts Contact Me (Jade) to claim the prize
# 1000 EC - A Malaysian Abroad
# 1000 EC - The Power of Me
# 1000 EC - Palabuzz

I also need to send EC credits to other winners. However, I already used all my transfer limit and I can't send anymore. The rest will be sent next week, my apology winners.


What is summer without beach vacation or outing? (A very boring and incomplete summer in my opinion.) I have not gone for a few years now because kids are too little to walk by themselves and my hubby was always busy. Now that they are almost all potty trained it will be easy to go by ourselves or the whole family. I could ask my father in law to find us Wildwood New Jersey hotels to stay at for the summer. I'm sure there are other Wildwood new jersey motels around that we could use, but having a reservation is a must for us. I can't keep driving just to find a place to stay with four kids in tow.

We can enjoy our Wildwood vacations more if we can stay there even for a weekend. I can also save money by buying tickets for a whole weekend rather than a day pass. And watch New Jersey attractions like the Radio Disney Artist's at Morey Piers starting at the end of June until the end of August. I think season's ticket would be best for it. We can soak at New Jersey water parks while enjoying the summer's heat. Furthermore, ride the New Jersey amusement parks rides where my kids are allowed to get into, or just simply enjoy Jersey Shore beach vacation by walking at the beach.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

April Top EC Droppers

Thank you so much everyone for keep coming back and dropping on my widget.