Thursday, January 14, 2010

Great Day

With two live lessons on our schedule today we still finish early. Thanks to all three of them cooperating nicely and wanted to get done as soon as possible. No complaint that they are tired or can she do it or can he do it first.

I like it when everything goes into place. I always wake up in the morning expecting the worst, and sometimes it just works out fine. DD did not have any problem with blending sounds today. DS who is in 3rd grade had plenty of optional lessons and we only read through it because I don't want him to miss anything. DS in K had four lessons that comes pretty easy to him.

Here is where he spent most of his time today, yarn sculpting. I only let him do a little of it. The image below is what he did and that took quite a long time. Plus, his hands are getting very sticky already. He caught up fast on how to make it, so I told him he doesn't need to finish it. We are supposed to let it dry over night. I will post the dry finish product tomorrow.


wax paper

First, cover the work area with newspaper. Draw a 9 × 9 inch square on paper. Now help the student draw a design inside the square using straight lines (house outline, triangle, diamond, etc.) with the design lines touching the edges of the square. This will be the pattern. When the yarn sculpture is completed, it will have a “spider web” appearance that he can see through.

Here’s what you do:

1.Place wax paper over the drawing and tape the two together.
2.Place the drawing on top of the newspaper.
3.In a bowl make a thin paste solution by adding 2/3 white glue to 1/3 water.
4.Cut a six-foot piece of yarn and dip it in the paste. Remove extra paste by squeezing two fingers and moving down the length of yarn.
5.Place the yarn twice around the outside edge of the square. This is the frame for the yarn sculpture.
6.Continue to cut, dip, and place more yarn (using different colors, if possible) on the lines of the design. Be sure each piece overlaps another piece so the sculpture will stick together.
7.Allow the sculpture to dry overnight.
8.Gently remove it from the wax paper and hang it up with a string.

Variation: Cover a balloon with yarn the same way. After it dries, pop the balloon and hang the decoration.