Friday, January 8, 2010

PSSA Testing

I got a message from my Kindergartner cyber school today about PSSA. I know he is too young to take such testing, but I was surprised that they already have the testing location setup. My 3rd grader in the other hand didn't have the lists of locations as of yet.

I emailed his adviser a few months back, but she never acknowledged that I sent her an email. I sent another one today asking about it, and she told me, that as soon as she gets the information, she will relay it to me.

We actually have a location about 15 minutes from us from the other cyber school. I wonder if they are using the same place or if will be mixing with other cyber schools. I still need someone to stay home with the younger ones or someone to take my 3rd grader in the location.

Is the traditional home school gone to this testing? My 3rd grader does not do well with testing. I hope he'll pass because he will be doing lessons in the summer if he didn't. This is what we get when we pay taxes for education purposes. They turn around and give the students more things to do, and they think more testing will make them smarter. All they have done is let the student study from the test, there is no real learning with the school system anymore. Ugh!