Thursday, January 7, 2010

Taxes on Everything

We have a good amount of coins in the classroom for school use. Today, DC took some of it to pay their sibling to get from one room to the other. I told them it is not very nice just stand somewhere and collect money by just passing through.

I knew plenty of roads/parkway/turnpike in NJ doing it, and I knew what they are doing is unconstitutional. I am teaching them that what they are doing is not right. They told me that they are just playing. Hopefully, when they grow up, they stand up for what is right.

Did you know that most toll roads in NJ are owned by another country? I think PA is doing the same thing with the turnpike. I'm not really sure if it passed, but I'm pretty sure the only reason they are telling the public is just to let them know. They (leaders) are not asking permission, they are simply letting the public know.