Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Very Stressful Day

At our classroom today. DD gave me a hard time about consonant beginning blending sounds today. Somehow she forgot the sound /c/ and kept on telling me /k//r/. I lost it, and I yelled at her. I was trying to break up the word scalp and making her say the sound /sc/ but it comes out of her mouth /scr/ instead.

She kept saying scrap and scralp. I did not work with her lessons until her brothers were almost done with theirs. DH was there the whole telling me to calm down, but I refused to do so. I just wanted to let it out and get it over with. This was her second lesson for the day (phonics around 10 am), and I got over it after lunch. Maybe I was just hungry and taking it out of my poor little girl.

Most of the time I will never get mad about things like that only when they refuse to do work. Today is very different, I blame to not eating breakfast and not getting an enough rest. Household chores and teaching three kids is very hard, while DH....ah never mind, everything has a reason. This is turning into whining Nedekcir already.

Anyway, I got a breather, and I think I will take a nap before going to bed tonight. Taking a nap before going to, it sounds so right just about now. See all of you tomorrow.