Thursday, January 28, 2010


My 3rd grader is having hard time the concept of elapsed time, how many hours/minutes before, and how many hours/minutes after in his Math lesson. Thank goodness DH is home to re-leave myself when I get prostrated. He can understand the way our 3rd grader thinking because he said the more I explain it, the more they will both get lost somewhere. The best way to deal with it is with fewer explanations and let him do it himself.

DH continued that he was the same way when he was little. Oh boy, I am in for this one. DH and I are glad that we decided to do this for our kids. At least when I get prostrated I know the reason, and I don't have to speak to anyone about it. Unlike with public school, I have to make a deal with the teacher on how to work with the problem and that means more money put into the school system pockets.

We barely got through it but when I asked him to tell me how many minutes/hours from here to there he can easily tell me with no problem. He gets mix up when there are so many words in between. The poor kid, the school system expects too much from a 9 years old these days. He can tell time but when you add other things to it, then he gets confused. I am so proud of him.