Thursday, February 18, 2010

Cyber Schooling Updates

We are still doing great, my Kinder will be done at the end of May. My 3rd grader will be done on the first week of June, and since my 6 year old switched school, she will not get done until the beginning of July. She is one month behind in most of her lessons except for Math. We did almost one month worth of Math while waiting for her materials to come. We had the first grade math textbook since last year. Someone sent me the wrong box, and they told me that the pre-paid mailing label will be dismissed soon. However, our second year is almost over and there is no mailing label received.

I am also glad that they did not send me anything. At least one lesson will be finished on time. We still have one week of vacation coming for the spring break, and I already removed that week of vacation on everyone schedule. Hopefully, my 6 year old can catch up before the end of the year.

I'm not sure if I can do a traditional home school this coming year. They're so much hoopla with the PDE, the statutes say that I need to documents hours, I have to give them medical records, and I have to prove that I am qualified to teach my own children. What is the point of traditional home schooling if the darn government will be all over it?

I will not report my youngest son to these organizations. I will teach him on my own lessons, and what we believe. I am not reporting any hours, medical records, and what books we are using. If they want that information they'd better pay for it. Information about my family does not come free to those who is not part of this family, unless I provide it freely of course. However, that is not highly unlikely. Getting off the system is very hard, and it comes with so many consequences. Learn from mistakes and do it better next time, I always say.

While we are talking about lessons, I think DH found a cheap upright wood piano; hopefully. He is waiting for the listing individual to get back to him. I am hoping to start this music lesson before the end of this school year while we still have cash coming in. When the economy belly up we can't do this anymore.


Melissa said...

Here in Florida, we do not have to prove how many hours of lessons we do, just keep a log of what we do, and put together a portfolio at the end of the year, for an evaluator to go over. We do not have to give medical records either, though I do put yearly physicals in a safe place just in case I need them. We do not do virtual school though, we do traditional homeschooling.