Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Greedy Explorers

My 3rd grader is learning about the age of exploration in his History lesson. He learned how these explorers claimed anything by force for Spain. What a bunch of greedy people, especially the royalties. It is very clear where they got their wealth from. Robbing innocent people left and right.

Nothing really changed for hundreds of years. The blood lines are just doing the same thing right now. They may not rob people face to face, but they just go through the process of taxation's, regulations, legislation's, and so on. Isn't it great living under the rules of the royalties, only in your point of view may be? However, this planet is very corrupt. I don't really care what you think is happening right now. I am telling you that corruption, over controlling, and over anything, is happening right now. They are over the top, they are past evil, in my opinion.