Monday, February 1, 2010

Groundhog Day Lessons

My DD have a live lesson today, and they cover the events tomorrow here in PA. Groundhog Day is celebrated across the country to predict (from what they call it) if we are going to have six more weeks of winter or Spring will Sprang soon. I am not against tradition but "why do they need to alter anything"? I bet you when this thing started it is not the way it is. I wanted to type the same words on her chat box but I don't want her to be labeled something that she's not. I was grinding my teeth the whole time the presenter was talking about the occasion.

I bet that the Native Americans (no, they are not Indians, that was Columbus assumed) base it when they see the groundhog out of it's burrow and scavenging for food, that means spring is here. There is no shadow to look for, no one is taking the groundhog out of the hole, and most certainly that no one can see them at the same date every year.

DH hated what this country became. His ancestor rode the boat just like everyone else, but he hated what his ancestors have done to change everything, or what they did not do to preserve it. Laws, regulations and rules are the main reason this country is turning into a communist. You may not notice it now, but we are heading there.