Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Top EC Droppers

The Sweet Life***Pink stuff is my favorite. A fashionista wannabe because when you dressed
up neatly and appropriately it somehow add confidence to yourself. My blog title is The Sweet Life. It is a personal blog. It tackles everything that interests me. Every little thing that make life sweet. I am newbie here in blogger world.Also here in Entrecard.

Marriage and Beyond***As of this writing (Nov. 26, 2007) Rev. Jeffrey Aspacio (Jeff) is a shepherd to a five year old church in Makati, Philippines. A committed husband, father and pastor who is working towards his masteral degree in Divinity. Jennifer Legaspi Aspacio (Jennie) , the wife who juggles everything from parenthood to maintaining the house, “help meet” to her husband in the ministry and taking courses towards her masteral degree in Education. A loving wife, dedicated mother, currently a work from home mom (WAHM), a supportive daughter and sister, and a loyal friend – in that order. Both are active parents to their toddling 30 month old son, Jed Zachary, as of this date. (26 Nov. ‘07). Both are constant-works-in-progress.

Photography by KML***Features the fine art and stock images of photographer, Kathy Libby. KML specializes in Landscape and Nature photos. The stock photos include concepts, food, backgrounds, abstracts, sports, architecture, transportation, and people.

Orica's Gentle Tones***A random blog by Orica.

Business Sphere***This site is maintained by Eli Gatanela, a practising lawyer, management consultant and licensed real estate broker based in Bacolod City, Philippines. Mr. Gatanela has been involved in business and management consulting for the past twenty years, and in the private practice of law, specializing in commercial law for the last 8 years. He was formerly professor of Economics and Business Management and holds Economics, MBA and Law degress from the University of St. La Salle, one of the leading universities in the Philippines belonging to the De La Salle Brothers of the Christian Schools worldwide. Mr. Gatanela heads his law and consulting firm Gatanela & Associates based in Bacolod City, Philippines.

Product Reviews Von Mir***Real opinion about services, products that I use, buy and sent to me to get review.

Picture to People
***Researches about Computer Graphics. New free software for graphics. Hot free graphic effects.

Pictures Of Despair***Images and sounds of despair captured and displayed.

Just One Touch***One access, one touch.

Pure Natural Diva***Whole Living with Style. Information to help you make safer, eco friendly choices without giving up style or performance.

The list was taken 9:30 pm on January 31 eastern time. I wanted to thank all of you who dropped cards in my blog. Have a great week.