Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Value for Your Money

I feel bad for my husband because all three eyeglasses that he owned, lasted him a good 5 year while our kids are little. Now that they are growing, they get into everything and nothing in our house is untouched. They are very curious on how everything is put together, and their little brain can't understand that they are not allowed to touch a certain stuff. Yes, he in the market for a new pair again. I told him to check out Zenni Optical (url above) to get some extra pair. For $8 a pair he can easily get three, one for work, one for special occasion, and one while at play.

He uses them more in the winter months because he stays home 95 percent of the time. When he is working, he hardly put it on, unless he needs to read something. He thinks when he uses it often, his eyes get worst. What I think is, his eyes are getting use to the glasses and does not function very well without them. Nevertheless, I have never worn eyeglasses in my life, and I am hoping not have not one until I have grandchildren. What can I tell you, my parents fed me well when I was little.

How can they sell eyeglasses in such low prices, you ask? Very easy, they don't have a middle man. Have you read what Eric has to say about Zenni Optical? Please type ZenniOptical and find out.


Abhinav Rastogi said...

i like plastic lenses.. very light weight, cheap and unbreakable.