Friday, March 26, 2010

Prep Party

Today was the end of my 3rd grader PSSA practice and had to attend the end prep rally to see where he needs to take the exam. I think the point of the whole prep rally is to tell the parents that the testing is very important for the school. I already said my side about the whole thing and it is commonly illegal.

Anyway, DH brought our son to the said location and it seems that only one person won most of the giveaway. It made us think that they bought the whole roll of tickets to win most of the prizes. When one person was the only one kept on going forward to claim the prizes, it turned into a very boring event for everyone else, in my opinion.

Anyway, next week we have the schedule spring break. I still don't know if I am taking off teaching. My 3rd grader have a orthodontics appointment because he gifted just like me with mostly croaked teeth...wonderful isn't it. We have to drive for an hour just for this on Thursday. Maybe we will only take off on Thursday instead of the whole week, who knows, my laziness might kick in and just rest for the whole week.

Have a great weekend everyone.