Monday, March 22, 2010

PSSA Practice

My 3rd grader is in his second week of PSSA practice. I do not agree with it but if (as they say) the school does not make the AYP, the PA department of education can close the school. That I like because, if they can do that we are more likely be allowed to traditionally home school my kids with no government attach. (Maybe, if there are not enough schools to go around, the government cannot force us to take all this crap) Of course this is only my theory, because I don't want them to meddle in my family's life.

Now, my 3rd grader is one week behind on some of his lessons. Next week is their spring break from school and their PSSA is not until the 3rd week of April. What are they going to accomplish with 2 weeks practice and 3 weeks rest before the testing? I hope this thing works, because I am sure my DS does not like taking test. Their spring break is only for a week, then two weeks of regular school and then testing.

I don't think we are going to do traditional home school. The government still asked for so many things. At least for now, I can however skip anything that I don't like them to learn and substitute with what we believe. We don't have to spend our non-tax dollar for materials and text books, the school provided them for us. We have not seen everything about the health care bill yet, so our decisions are still up in the air. If, for some reason, we find anything that is against our favor, we have to act fast and go another route about the education of our children. We might have to move to another state or live in the boondocks somewhere, just to educate our kids the way we want them to learn...