Monday, April 19, 2010

Free Tuition and No Loans

Please check this out. Is your son or daughter an honor students and cannot afford to send them to college? Here is your chance, follow the Harvard site and apply today at My family earn under $60,000 a year but my son is not honor students. He used to be but he rather do something else.

Check it out, I will also forward this to him just in case he still qualify. Only 1 or 2 subjects he is doing well. All we can do is try. There you go people, free tuition and no loans. Totally free. Go now.


Maria Lorena said...

Hi, the Harvard scholarship will truly be a big HELP!

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imelda said...

my kids do not qualify yet. this is great break

Makoy said...

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Petula said...

I wish my oldest daughter was interested in going to Harvard. I think if she had discovered the information herself then she may have. Good info though... quite a few people have talked about this IRL.