Monday, April 26, 2010

The Long "/o/"

It can be spelled with "o", "oe", "oa", "ow", and "o-e". However, why we don't pronounce "love" as "o-e" sound? I know everything has exceptions. This is one of those "heart words".

Here are example for "o", post, most, molt, cold, bold and so on. For the "oe" examples are toe, doe, hoe, oboe...Here are for "oa"; toast, soap, croak, throat...For the "ow"; row, snow, flow, shadow...and lastly for the "o consonant e"; home, scope, alone, phone, and more. Furthermore, there are exemption I mean exception to the rule.

What is this, politicians who are exempt on every rule and regulations that they put out there? Yes, you think that.