Wednesday, July 21, 2010

All 3 Students Received Their Materials

Yes, my students are anxiously awaiting when I open all of it. I told them that I will open them around August, because I don't want them messing it all up. They might end up losing pieces that we needed the most during the year.

The 4 boxes on the right belongs to my 1st grader, 1 box on the front to my 4th grader and the 2 on left side (back) belongs to my 2nd grader. We decided not to register my youngest DS to any school until I really have to. I have to make a regular lesson plan for him, taken from the old books my 3 oldest accumulated during the years. Now, I have to think of a reasonable explanation on why he can't join the other 3 in cyber school. That would be fun to explain to a kindergarten student.

Friday, July 9, 2010

School Materials

I got 4 boxes of school materials today. It's time to get started setting up my children cubicles. There are 3 more boxes coming on Monday according to UPS. I got an email again today reminding/telling me about it.

We (DH and I) still don't know what to do concerning on what to teach them. A friend of ours recommended a bible base home schooling but we are into it. I rather teach them about golden rule and Jesus in general than following a bible. But the good part about it is, we don't need to report anyone to the Department of Education. Especially our youngest child.

I told DH to report that his wife and children moved out of the country. However, will they check the passport and see where we actually are? They may end up taking our children away from us when they found out that we are home seating pretty and teaching our children what we want them to learn. Too much thinking, my head hurts.