Tuesday, August 17, 2010

All Done With Students Cubicles

Yes, I have finished everything last week. Thanks to my little me (DD) who kept on bothering me about it. A new printer and monitor for my new K12 student, we used Calvert for him on his kindergarten year. I will be using those old one for my kindergarten student (YDS) next year, under "home taught".

student cubicle
I just found out last night with K12 that they will be visiting my students here at home. Not good, I don't want them coming to my house to snoop around. I already hated it when the speech teacher comes here. This is good for me to really teach at home the traditional way. My other students will get the benefit from my older students lessons until 4th grade. After that I don't know what curriculum I will be using. More money will be use from our pockets, but that is the way it should be. We need to tighten the budget more next year. Moreover, we will have more time doing projects and outings. I know this is for the best. Less government services coming to our house and no more medical, dental, and testing for my poor students. Yes, life is good.


Grampy said...

Well it sounds like you have every thing ready to go. Cubicles look good. It will also be nice not having so much Gov. involvement.