Wednesday, September 8, 2010

4th Grader Getting Worst

In doing his school work that is. You would think that he can finally do the work by himself at this grade level, but a big fat NO. He can do it much better without me telling him how to do it, but he refuses to do his work himself. I fell like strangling him a few times already. I need a cigarette just thinking about it...ugh.

My 1st grader is the one who needed a lot of help because he can't read most of the directions. I can't wait to do one lesson plan and teach them the same thing next year, of course different level. I can just type the plan on my computer and use it for all of them. Thank goodness for word, in my days they have to write it (private school) down on a notebook. Maybe they still do it, but since I will be teaching my kids at home, my computer is easily accessible.