Tuesday, September 28, 2010

More Authority

So they think that they have more authority over a human being. I am talking about the school district or the school that my children are using. They are home learning and every time they have to join other children from the same school, I have to go through so much crap with the permission slip.

Other people never had any problem with what is said in this permission slip, but I do and DH feel the same. This what it comes to, when the public ask of them too much. They ask them to be responsible for their children while under their care. I don't like it. I am there with them during the event and I don't need to sign a stupid permission slip. They are my responsibility because I am there with them.

How many more parental right will be loss before the public will realize that what they are doing is wrong and not lawful. No, they are not following the law! The so called law that they are talking about are only rules, regulations and statutes. Look it up in a dictionary because they all have different meaning. The older the dictionary is, the better explanation you will get...NO ONE HAS AUTHORITY OVER ANOTHER HUMAN BEING...PERIOD.