Monday, September 13, 2010

Most Annoying

All three children of mine are enrolled in cyber school. You would think they have a phone system that will call one phone number if the events going on with the school is for everyone. Nope, they need to call every child listed. That means I get three phone calls about the same thing.

I don't mind if every grade will call, and tell me that their grade is doing something. But come on, where is the organization of these people. It is the same with email. If you need to say one thing to every student enroll, please send only one. I hate going through email about the same thing, 3 times...most annoying if you ask me.

And let's get back about the phone call, I should have gotten 3 phone call since I have three kids, but I got five...that is messed up in opinion. Get a better phone system or actually pay someone to do the job the correct way.

I can't wait to hide in the boonies and not let the government run their schooling...ugh!