Friday, September 17, 2010

Threat for Missing Attendance

A few days ago I missed putting my DD (2nd grader) attendance on the computer and the very next day her teacher sent me a threatening letter that if she miss 2 more times that the district court will be contacting me about the matter and a proper punishment will be given.

I flipped out on both attendance monitor and the teacher. What are they robots? If they checked my DD work for the day before they will see that she did her lessons. I think only robot will never notice it if they are only allowed to notice missing attendance. This school is getting out of hand and it is getting easier and easier for me to leave cyber schools.

Mind you I also have other 2 students that did lessons the day before and their attendance was put in. Just because the stupid automated back to school events phone calls that got me distracted. I was doing it and all of a sudden the phone rang. After listening to the message, I totally forgotten I haven't put DD attendance and did not look at her computer until the next day. Sure enough the attendance page was still open and blinking with red...ugh!!!