Monday, October 18, 2010

Homemade Toothpaste

I been wanting to make a homemade toothpaste but I never actually look on how to mix it. I wanted to use food grade peroxide and baking soda. I finally did some research and found how to do it. Off course, you need to mix the food grade peroxide with distilled water safe enough to use at home. Then take enough baking soda to last at least a week. Gradually add the peroxide mixture like make a paste like mixture and a drop of peppermint oil. Not only it makes your teeth white, it help prevent cavities too.

I don't have any store bought toothpaste for a week now. I am a coffee drinker and my teeth are already starting to look stained. This toothpaste will bring back the white in my smile. By the way, I have to keep the toothpaste in the fridge, because I'm not sure how long this last in room temperature. It's a little cold the first time it touches my teeth, but the outcome is phenomenal.

I looked for toothpaste tube to put them in, but all I can find are aluminum plastic. As you all know, aluminum is not good for human consumption. I stick them in a small jar, I will keep looking but until then, my toothpaste will have to stay in the jar inside the fridge.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Two Days Off

The children are off from their lessons since yesterday. Tomorrow they will be back to learning again. I wanted to get some lessons ahead of schedule but I am just too tired from DH meetings and gathering we attended on the weekend. They are not like 30 minutes drive away either.

I did not tell them they are off. I just didn't teach them and no one even asked, why they are not doing their lessons. Last year, I was always ahead but they did not finish early. There are too much unit to cover that the 180 school days is not enough to cover all of it.

My 4th grader government class is annoying me to the bone. I hate it when they say that America is democracy. It was never been one and it was a republic until the mass media start talking about it. I wish I can skip the whole unit, but there are assessment and they are counted towards his grades. I never known when this country change from republic to democracy. Another things that the politicians do without the consent of the citizens.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What A Pain

My second grader was giving me a hard since Monday. She refuses to do her lessons, and complain every time I wanted her to something. I bet other parents will send their DD in public school when they start misbehaving just like mine.

She loves to socialize with other people, but DH and I hate socializing. I think she got it from her grandmother. She asked me a few times if she can go back to take a bus to her old school. I don't think so. With everything going on with the government, and possible lock way.

She can rebel as much as she want, but she will not get her way. Next Friday they have this ice cream social (i hate the word social) in our local library, but I am a little hesitate to let them go because of the permission slip. I hated the wording they use in it.

Can you believe she is only 7 years old with the attitude. I told DH about it, I said "she is only 7" and I don't like her attitude. His answer was "just wait when she is old enough, it will get worst." My jaw drop, because I realize this is only the beginning.