Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Two Days Off

The children are off from their lessons since yesterday. Tomorrow they will be back to learning again. I wanted to get some lessons ahead of schedule but I am just too tired from DH meetings and gathering we attended on the weekend. They are not like 30 minutes drive away either.

I did not tell them they are off. I just didn't teach them and no one even asked, why they are not doing their lessons. Last year, I was always ahead but they did not finish early. There are too much unit to cover that the 180 school days is not enough to cover all of it.

My 4th grader government class is annoying me to the bone. I hate it when they say that America is democracy. It was never been one and it was a republic until the mass media start talking about it. I wish I can skip the whole unit, but there are assessment and they are counted towards his grades. I never known when this country change from republic to democracy. Another things that the politicians do without the consent of the citizens.