Monday, November 1, 2010

Educating During The Holidays

My days will be dragging again because of all the holiday coming our way. My kids get very hard to motivate with so many days off. However, I needed some rest during this time too, and I cannot just continue educating them without some rest. I get very tired especially when DH goes away to meetings. I feel insecure when he is not home and most of the time we tag along.

The cold weather is not much help either. Having less day light makes me blue this time of year. I wish we can move somewhere warm when winter comes, but that is another story.

I also realize that I need to start gift shopping for Christmas. Yes, I wanted to skip Christmas too, instead teach my kids how Christmas came about and what it really means. Again, that is another story, they already know about it and cannot be undone. Corporation will be making a lot of money from us again this year...ugh.