Monday, November 15, 2010

Some Days Are Good

When my kids do a lesson that they grasp right away, that is a good. When it takes more than an hour to explain things too them, that is a bad day. However, I like it better because they are learning something than the things they pick up right away. It seems effortless when all they have to do is take the assessment and move on to the next lesson or units.

I can say I like both, but it's not easy when you are educating three grade levels. The day goes pretty fast, but it takes us the whole day to finish the day lessons. I enjoy it the most when we are done before three, because I have plenty of time preparing and cooking dinner. In the other hand, when they aren't done before 3 o'clock they have to make or get their own dinner from the fridge and I will end up cooking five dinners.

Yes, the good and the bad of educating your children at home. Furthermore, I will never put them in public school.